Happy Birthday !!!

On 6 August 2021, Les Mûres campsite celebrated its 70th anniversary! Created in 1951 by Sébastien Bagnis, Les Mûres is one of the first campsites in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.  He fell under the spell of a small beach in the shade of the umbrella pines. As a visionary, he created the Camping des Mûres on this beach a few months later, one of the first open air establishments in France. This was the era of tented campsites.

Then the caravan appeared, and it was the height of luxury to have a gas stove and a refrigerator. At the beginning of the 1980s, camping was still evolving! The freedom is to have your house on four wheels, with an engine, it’s the time of the motor home. Today, mobile homes offer holidaymakers a new way to camp in comfort.

To eat, you just have to go to the Brasserie du camping where a special menu has been thought for this unique occasion. During the whole evening, the Brazilian dance troupe presented different numbers. The spectators were transported to Brazil thanks to the variety of the dancers’ performances. The DJ present for this event made the evening dynamic and allowed the party to adapt to everyone’s tastes.

Many gifts are offered to the customers such as hats, bracelets and fans. Everyone left with a souvenir of the day. This exceptional day will remain in the minds of the customers, the staff and the family of Mr. BAGNIS.

Memories in pictures

An exceptional birthday day with many activities and entertainment throughout the day. Brazilian dancers performed, the DJ set the mood and our guests enjoyed delicious cocktails with exotic flavours. Memorable memories that we were delighted to share with you !