The end of the obligation to wear a mask in almost all places from 14 March 2022. (Exception: The mask will remain mandatory in public transport)
The “suspension” of the vaccination pass, from 14 March 2022. (Exception: A health pass will still be required in medical establishments, such as hospitals and EHPAD)
This date of 14 March 2022 will also mark the end of the compulsory wearing of masks “in all places where it is still in force”, with the exception, once again, of public transport, “given the promiscuity”.


How can I change or cancel my stay during COVID-19?

  • I would like to modify or cancel my stay in the event of border closures or quarantine measures to/from the destination of my stay: you can postpone your stay, request a refund or a voucher for the amount of the deposit paid (excluding cancellation insurance costs) .

In the event of cancellation, and in accordance with current government directives, you may request a voucher or refund corresponding to the amount of the deposit paid when you made your reservation (excluding stays covered by order no. 2020-315 of 25 March 2020). Under this order, for stays cancelled due to Covid-19 between 1 March and 15 September 2020, the full amount paid has been credited to your customer account. This credit note, valid for 18 months from the date of issue, allows you to plan a new stay. Whatever the date of your postponement, if your new travel plans are less expensive, the difference will be credited to your account. If it is more expensive, the difference will be at your expense.

  • I would like to modify or cancel my stay outside of the closed borders or quarantine:

– You have taken out cancellation insurance via our partner CampezCouvert (extra charge when you make your reservation):

In the event of a last-minute cancellation (less than 30 days before arrival) due to the Covid-19 epidemic (positive Covid-19 test of a member of the file less than 48 hours before departure and on presentation of proof), your stay may, at your request, be reimbursed free of charge by the insurance company. Link

– You have not taken out cancellation insurance: please refer to our GTC. Link

You can count on us to put in place the necessary measures to offer you a peaceful stay.

The holidays are coming and we look forward to seeing you again.

We look forward to seeing you soon!